Wednesday 8 May 2013


Continuing the search for identity I have come across young Randall Patrick Munroe, described as a webcomic author and creator of the webcomic xkcd which can be found at -

Randall Munroe
Very American, very performance writing.

He is also the compiler of the Radiation Dose Chart. In response to concerns about the radiation released by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011, and to remedy what he described as "confusing" reporting on radiation levels in the media, Munroe created a chart of comparative radiation exposure levels. The chart was rapidly adopted by print and online journalists in several countries, including being linked to by online writers for The Guardian and The New York Times. As a result of requests for permission to reprint the chart and to translate it into Japanese, Munroe placed it in the public domain, but requested that his non-expert status should be clearly stated in any reprinting.

I forgot to add this T-shirt design by Randall:
This shirt is based on the chains of numbers that make up the fascinating Collatz conjecture (also known as 'hailstone numbers'). The conjecture states that if you take any number, and if it's even you divide it by two and if it's odd multiply it by three and add one, and you repeat this process indefinitely, no matter what number you start with, you will always end up at 1. The tree in the shirt shows the route that various numbers take to reach 1.

The conjecture remains stubbornly unproven, and written in small letters at the base of the tree in the shirt is a quote about the conjecture attributed to Paul Erdos - "Mathematics is not yet ready for such problems."

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